• Wireless Communications
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Distributed Optimization
  • Distributed Computing
  • Resource Allocation
  • MatLab Programming
  • Target Localization
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Signal Processing
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)


  • MatLab
  • LaTeX
  • PSpice
  • Protel
  • CodeVision
  • HFSS
  • Proteus
  • Xlinx ISE
  • Photoshop

Research Projects

  • Robotic


    small size league - Omid Robotics Team

    A Small Size robot soccer game takes place between two teams of six robots each. Each robot must conform to the dimensions as specified in the F180 rules: The robot must fit within an 180mm diameter circle and must be no higher than 15cm. The robots play soccer with an orange golf ball on a green carpeted field that is 6.05m long by 4.05m wide.

  • Digital Link

    Digital Link

    Implementation of a digital link between two sound card by QPSK Modulation

    In this project, a digital link implemented between two sound card by this characteristics:
    QPSK Modulation
    2400 symbol rate
    Synchronization by Gardner algorithm
    frame synchronization